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How To Act Like A Blogger

Happy Monday! I hope you all are getting a good start to your week. If you came to this post because you’re looking for genuine tips that will help you in your blogging and help you act like a blogger, then…maybe come back later. Today I decided to have a little fun. If you’re in the blogging community, then you may notice a few trends with bloggers. You may notice that you’re doing some of those things yourself. It may not be your intention to join the crowd, but it just almost creeps up on you. I hope no one gets offended by this…I do some of these things myself. My point is to give you guys a little laugh, and as you read through, hopefully, I succeed! Here are five ways on how to act like a blogger!

Use!!! Exclamation!!! Points!!!

You are not really a blogger if you don’t use exclamation points at the end of each sentence! It’s very important the person you’re responding to knows you’re excited! You have to sound very joyous! Because you’re a very joyous and ecstatic blogger!

Write an Ebook

If you’re going to be a blogger, then you MUST write some form of Ebook or guide. Don’t shoot the messenger, it’s just the facts.


That’s it. That’s all.

Drink Coffee or Tea

Do you actually like it? Is it for aesthetics? It doesn’t matter…you need it. Bonus points if you take a picture of it with an aesthetic background.

Writers Lifts

Join them. All of them. Then do about two a day, everyday. Trust me.

There you go! Whether you want to or not, you’re going to end up doing these things anyway so enjoy! Welcome to the world of being a blogger!

Ps: Please note that this is just a joke. We all could use a good laugh, so I’m motivating you to take time to do that today. If you do any of these, then don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself either.


  1. I did giggle at all of these. I have to backtrack all the time on the exclamation points and now I Italicize instead … hahaha! I don’t do the writer’s lifts, however, because I barely make it to twitter but twice a month, and those are the only places they do it – I think?

    • Honestly same lol. I have to go through and see where I can take out an exclamation mark lol. And yes, as far as I’ve seen, Twitter is the only place that people do the writers lifts. It’s funny when you realize how much you’ve gone into the blogger habits lol. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

    • Same here lol! We have to get to it and make it official! lol Thanks for reading and commenting♥

    • Exactly! There are things that I do that I told myself I wouldn’t start doing and look at me now…doing them lol. It really is a gravitational pull.

  2. This made me smile! I’m trying to use more bold and italics in my posts to help visually, but I’m not a really excited person. I do notice several other bloggers really like the exclamation point though! Writer’s lifts get old – especially the ones that require you to follow everyone. I do like comment threads though; found your post on a comment thread…

    • I’ve gotten into the habit of using exclamation points and I have to catch myself sometimes lol. I’ve never done a writers lift. I’m not 100% sure the purpose of them if I’m being honest. I loove comment threads! They’re the main way I promote on Twitter. I think they’re so helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment ♥

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