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How I’ve Grown Throughout 2021: Blogmas Day 20

Growth: The process of growing; Progressive development. (source)

When I look back at this year, I try to process and think about exactly what this year has been. It’s no question that 2020 was an absolute year of confusion and a scary one if I have to add. However, 2021 just might go in the books as even more confusing as 2020. I say this because in 2020, though we didn’t know what was going on exactly, it was apparent that life was shutting down a bit and masks were non-negotiable.

2021 feels like it was a little bit more confusing because things are open, concerts are a thing again, the choice to wear a mask is now up to the individual (for the most part)…despite things having been bad and now getting worse. Despite the confusion in the outside world, I think I can proudly say that I’ve still managed to find growth within myself this year.

When you spend time inside of the house quite often for two years, you learn a lot more about yourself. You also learn some things when you’re spending a lot of time working on making a future for yourself. I’ve learned that I’m still the same person I once was before the pandemic, but I’m also different.

I still have so much work to do, but I’m growing into the businesswoman that I didn’t even know existed within me. At the same time, looking at the women before me in my life, I should’ve known it was probably within me all along. I’ve also grown when it comes to how I handle certain situations. When it comes to my personal life, I’ve run into a very confusing situation that, to say the least, I never thought I would ever run into or experience. However, the way that I’ve handled it is different than how I probably would have a few years ago, and as hard as it is, I’m proud of myself for doing so.

I still have so much longer to go in all aspects of my life when it comes to my level of growth, but I’m so proud of where I’ve managed to come within this year. I want to work more on myself, but that continues now, not until 2022. It doesn’t matter how many weeks are left within a year.

Why wait to work on yourself in two weeks when you can do it today?


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