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Help, I’m A Broke Blogger!


This is not a drill! I am a broke blogger, and if you’re reading this, then you might just be in the same shoes I’m in (or the title made you very curious). You may be wondering “Are you giving us tips on how to get money or are you just venting on being broke?” I wish I had tips on how to get money from blogging, but I haven’t reached that level yet. However, I’m not just venting about being broke, don’t worry. This post is to help all my equally struggling blogger friends on how to make it in the blogging world while still having a limited budget.

The first important thing to help you get through is friends. I know it may seem a little silly reading it, but it honestly can be the best thing to have people to help you. If not friends, then just some type of support. It helps to have people who are willing to support you and even better…support you for free. For example, I have a friend who helps me out and takes my pictures for me with her camera. I don’t have a professional camera, and although it’s not 100% necessary, it’s just something I prefer. She actually has a blog you guys can check out here. It’s always amazing to have a support group that doesn’t mind helping you with your come up, whether they’re helping take pictures for you, helping you edit your posts, or anything else you might need.

Say you don’t have anyone that has a professional camera who doesn’t mind taking pictures and your camera quality isn’t the best. That’s when you use the two next important things…a tripod and natural sunlight. A tripod does cost a little money, but you can find really cheap ones on amazon. I’ll leave the link for the one I purchased here. Even if you’re in a super tight budget, if you have books at home, candles, chairs…basically anything you can set your phone on…then you’re set! Here’s an important tip…natural lighting is your bestfriend! Not only is it your bestfriend, but it’s free! Can’t get any better than that. Put those two together and you can have some bomb pictures for content for little or no cost at all.

Being a blogger, your most important necessity is, of course, your blog. It’s not only important that your readers like the look of it, but that you love the look of it. I realized how expensive it can be to get a really cute design when I saw the most perfect themes on this website that was selling them. The only problem is, they were over $60! Listen, I’m sure whoever made them spent a lot of time on them, but that is just too much for someone who isn’t rich in this blogging world. That brings me to the next important thing you need…an open and creative mind. I’ve stated before that when you have a free account with WordPress, that you don’t get the best themes. I upgraded to premium and the themes are still not that great. So, this causes you to need to be a little bit more open and creative with the limits you have on how much you can change your themes. As much as I know it can suck, remember, we’re still broke bloggers and have to make a smidge bit of sacrifices. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices on your journey to greatness.

The next important thing when it comes to being a blogger on a budget is a free space! An area to blog is important. It can be what helps you get the juices flowing. For me, I’m very slowly working on finishing up with decorating my office so it can feel more like my own space for work. This is the #brokebloggersclub so maybe spending a little bit on office decor might not be an option right now. That’s not a problem at all because there are tons of free places that you can work in that doesn’t require you to spend money. You can go to a library, your local coffee shop, Starbucks…Anywhere with free Wifi. Just pick whatever place is best for you and helps you feel the most productive and creative.

The last important thing that you need when being in the broke bloggers club is going to sound very cheesy and cliche, but you have to have hope. I’m not joking. It can be hard being in this game still working the same crappy job that clearly doesn’t pay enough when all you want is to be a successful blogger and make that blogger money. Giving up hope can be what can make you want to quit and not push through. I promise you, you don’t need all the fancy and expensive things to have a bomb blog and content. Work with what you have until you can afford an upgrade. I’m the club too so I’m right there with you!

If you do have links to posts on how to make money blogging, I’d love for you guys to drop them in the comments. Let’s help everyone out!

Are you in the #brokebloggersclub? Use the hashtag on Twitter so we can all find each other and stick together!


  1. Starting out in blogging is difficult. I’m in the same boat. Sometimes I love and sometimes I just lack motivation. You sound so positive though and I’m sure you are going to do well 🙂

  2. Girl you are going to be a big blogger in the future. The content you put up is so bomb! Loved this post so much.

  3. Love the advice in this post! Blogging can be super expensive – especially if you’re just starting out but there are many ways to make it work – you’ve just got to get creative with it. xx
    El // Welsh Wanderer

  4. I’ve just started blogging and this has literally given me so much more hope because I really don’t know what to expect especially because I’m on a major budget. Thank you so much for the tips.

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