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Has Blogging Become A Sport?

It’s no secret that the blogging world is buzzing and almost every day there’s a new blogger joining the community. It’s amazing to see so many people wanting to do something that lets you be your own boss and do what you want to do. However, it almost seems like blogging has become like a sport. Everyone’s trying to get the most buy-instagram-likeslikes, follows, make similar content as everyone for views, etc. It can be overwhelming sometimes. There’s so much of the same content that it’s like a race of who can get seen first. Sometimes it can make blogging more stressful than fun. With everyone trying to keep up in this blogging game, it can affect the quality of the content.

Think about it. You’re trying to keep up with other bloggers because you feel like your content is drowning in the sea of other bloggers content…especially the content that’s the most popular…so what do you do? You decide to go along the sea instead of against it and write content you don’t particularly write. Maybe you even try to get more content out despite you preferring to space out your days to give yourself more time for thought out posts. This means there’s more quantity than quality. Now, more blog posts should provide an outcome that looks a little like this:

More Blog Posts

However, it’s not that easy. If your quality goes down, then the outcome can actually look a little more like this:

less Blog Posts

Now you’re stressed and wondering what more can you do because you tried to keep up in this game, but it’s not what can you do, it’s what you need to stop doing. Stop trying to compete and forcing yourself into a spot that you already fit in just by being there. Yes, there are a bunch of new bloggers coming in each and every day trying to make this their career, but I believe there’s room for everyone. I believe this because it’s true. The thing that needs to be changed about the community is that it doesn’t need to turn into a game or a competition, but a community filled with 100% support. I can say that I do see a lot of bloggers uplifting others, reading others content, and trying to give others a spotlight of their own. I hope to continue to see this as the community continues to grow.

Do you think blogging has become a sport? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Ahh the accuracy! I definitely think that it has become a sport and that more bloggers are feeling pressured to constantly put out content. I agree there’s room for all of us to shine! Staying true and authentic so our interests is what’s important 💜

  2. I am pretty new to the blogging scene. I just started my own blog about 2 months ago and I post almost everyday, it’s just because I have so much to say. My thoughts have thoughts. So I am trying to find a balance. I support and encourage all of my fellow bloggers whether you post once a day or once a week. I’m still trying to figure it out

    • I hope you’re enjoying being part of the community thus far! When I began blogging, I started out by blogging everyday , but I realized it was a lot for me and switching to just 3 times a day is the best thing I ever did. And yes we all need to encourage each other no matter how often you post. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  3. This had me saying yes the entire way through!!! I think to some, it has totally become a numbers competition. I see so much accusing with “I wrote it first.” It’s exhausting that some in the community are trying to race towards this success that can be completely shared. One person’s success doesn’t mark another’s failure. Great post!!!

  4. I feel this too much. I’ve been blogging since 2014 and I always wonder if I should’ve started early. I’ve watched blogging over the years and it feels like it’s more important to have an Instagram with the rise of influencers and brands working with bloggers to write content…I don’t even see my favorite bloggers writing about their favorite things: it’s all about the sponsored content or the PR packages. There’s nothing wrong with that because I’ve gotten my share of PR gifts but it seems like that that’s all it’s about now. And some of the big influencers are cheating by buying followers. It sucks because even though I have more twitter followers than IG followers, most brands won’t even look at you if you don’t have a lot of IG followers. And it’s just frustrating because I love blogging but I felt like I’ve hardly went anywhere with it whereas people who started around the time I did or wayyyy after me are doing SO much better and I feel like it’s because my content may not be interesting or I’m just not pretty enough (as a beauty blogger). Thanks for listening to my tedxTalk, haha

    Hannah the Mad Dog

    • I honestly feel that. It’s like with youtubers. A lot of them only post sponsored videos. I know thats how they get their money but the only videos we see from you shouldn’t just be sponsored. and girl you are beautiful! and there’s content out there for everybody. What you may feel isn’t interesting to others could have someone else just waiting for your next post to come out. You have to have faith in your abilities ♥

  5. I have noticed on social media that the same quotes and ideas are floating around.I try to stay true to my voice and relevant to the topic I chose. I can see where seasoned bloggers would share your opinion. I really hope I add something to my niche and people enjoy what they read. Whether it’s 5 or 500 reading my post.

  6. I never thought of this but agree that there is a certain competitiveness around likes and comments, much like within a game with many teams all competing for the same goal; recognition. That is why I prefer to support others instead of compete.

    Thank you for sharing this profound post!

  7. I’ve only been blogging for a less than a month now and I already feel massive pressure to constantly post new content (which feel like a lot especially when I’m also at the same time trying to get my social media platforms of the ground).
    But hopefully if I stick to being true to myself the right people will notice and stick around

  8. Spot on. Something that I’ve also noticed is that people expect you to fit into one box. Based on your race, or their perception about your race. I had to say it because I definitely don’t fit into one box. Or any box. And I never have. We each bring very different qualities and personalities to the blogging industry and that’s what makes it special. There is something for everyone. Keep doing you….

  9. The same argument can be applied to the new authors that multiply by the minute , everyone wants to write a book and now everyone can , but only a few can write books that the public want to read.


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