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Hard Working Women

First, before I begin, I want to say Happy Birthday to one of the hardest working women I know…My mom!

So, what made me make this post was not only this week being the week for mothers day, but also seeing my two pregnant managers at work. They are both very pregnant, yet I see them going back and forth handling their duties. In my mind, I think “If that was me and I have someone else to help me out, I’d be staying at home.” But at the same time, would that really be true?

You see pregnant women all the time working. Some of them could deliver any second, but here they are doing manual labor. Why? Because they have to do what they have to in order to provide. Some women do have the option to where they can take maternity leave, but others don’t. They might be the only one providing for their future little one and have to collect as much money as they can before the newborn comes into the world. There are also women who might have their husband or boyfriend in their lives and they could take off for work, but they don’t because they’re hard workers and want as much money as possible coming in for their little one and their family.

This also applies to the women who have already given birth as well. Whether the child is a newborn, 6 years old, or 16, women will work as hard as possible to provide. It’s especially harder for the ones without much of a support system by their side. Those women work even harder if not 2-3x harder than the average woman because they’re on their own.

It takes a lot to take care of children from the moment a woman finds out she’s pregnant and it never stops. Shout out to all my hard working women out there who never stop working to make sure their children have the best. We see you and we appreciate you!

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