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Guest post- Visiting And Visitors During The Holidays With Children: Blogmas Day 4

The holiday season is upon us! This time of year usually calls for visiting others and having others visit you. Before having a child, I didn’t think twice about going to friends’ and families’ homes. Not much thought was given to having guests over to visit me. Now that I have a baby, visiting and having visitors over takes a bit more planning. Here are some tips for making it work!

Implement health & safety rules for everyone

We are still in a pandemic. It is important that no matter where we go or who we visit, we keep everyone as safe as possible. The World Health Organization is an excellent resource to help you establish and maintain safety measures. Don’t forget about colds, coughs, and the flu. Keep hands washed especially before interacting with little ones. Stay home or ask others to stay home if you’re sick.

Give yourself enough time to leave

If there’s one thing I have learned from having my daughter is it often takes a lot longer to leave than what I anticipate. Despite my best intentions, children require more time. Babies may be fussy. Diapers may need to be changed. You forgot the diaper bag and have to turn around. Family and friends want one more hug or picture with your little one. If you want to arrive on time or leave in a timely manner give yourself a cushion of time to do so.

Don’t over pack

On my daughter’s first trip to see my parents, I over packed. In hindsight I did not need fifteen outfits, thirty pacifiers, and an embarrassing amount of toys. Pack only what you need for only how long you’re visiting. If you’re not staying overnight pack just the diaper bag essentials. When staying at a hotel, call and ask if they provide a crib or pack n play. Planning to frequently visit family or friends? Consider asking if you can leave things you all need at their home such as clothes, hygiene products, or even a stroller, car seat, and pack n’ play. The less you have to carry around, the better.

Create visiting guidelines

Visitation guidelines help establish expectations and boundaries when people visit. I found my guidelines especially helpful directly after giving birth. Create visiting hours. Make sure you give others advance notice before visiting. If you don’t want people to bring treats for your children let it be known. Whatever your guidelines are, write them down and let others know before they come to visit.

Do what you can if it’s what you want

You don’t have to host the holiday party if you don’t want to. If you can afford to splurge on a friend’s baby and want to show them some extra holiday love do it! But if you don’t want to, even if you can, why should you? Holidays are not meant to make you stressed or overworked because you’re trying to spend what you don’t have, or wishing you were by yourself. You can say no if you want. You do what you can if it’s what you want. 

Happy Holidays!

Mom With No Plan

Mom With No Plan is a first-time mommy who didn’t realize she was pregnant until two days before giving birth to her daughter. When she’s not juggling her newfound journey of motherhood, she’s blogging about it. She enjoys a daily cup of coffee, an occasional glass of wine, and spending time with her family.


    • I don’t have kids and I’m always struggling with trying not to overpack for myself so I just know the struggle is real trying not to with kids lol

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