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Guest Post: Do You Think Visiting A Mental Therapist is A Waste of Money?

Do you know about the number of American adults suffering from anxiety, depression, and stress in any given year? The National Institute of Mental Health says more than 1/4th of American adults suffer from mental disorders. When the mental disorder problem increases, you need a psychotherapist who can help you before you become a chain smoker, or fall into a more serious illness. 

So, what will the mental therapist or psychotherapist do for you?

The purpose of a psychologist is to help you when you are going through mental problems. A mental therapist can help you to lead a happier, healthier, and more productive life. You and your psychotherapist will work together to change your thoughts and the way you behave like a confused person still now.  

By the time, you have finished your sessions with the mental therapist, you will be able to control the problems that you are suffering from. Not only that, but the therapist will also teach you several skills to cope with problems that will arise in the future.  

Why is it sometimes said that going to a mental therapist is absolutely a waste of money?

The primary 2 concerns that people have while going to a mental therapist is that they take too much time and the therapy sessions are expensive. Several newspapers and magazines who are dealing with the subject have said that you have to shed thousands of dollars every year to have sessions with them.

There are many members of your family who will advise you that you should talk to them more if you are feeling depressed. Your neighbors or other society members will advise you that you should go and talk to your friends and hang out with them more.

Because ultimately everything lies in talking. The mental therapist will talk to you in session after session and you have to pay for it. So, why not spend the valuable time with your friends and family members instead of paying the money to the therapist?

How does the opposite side have deferred the logic that mental therapy is a total waste of money?

Mental therapists or psychotherapists have different points of view than ordinary people. They say they are trained adequately to understand the meaning of what a person is talking about. An ordinary person will take the statement from another person as a simple statement. But a therapist will find out what is the inner meaning of the sentence that is spoken by a person.

This is the reason a session with a mental therapist is so helpful because only they can prevent the suicidal thinking of a particular person as they have special training for it. You cannot expect the family members will be so expert to understand everything that is said by a depressed or stressed person.

How much does a mental therapy session cost you?

The average cost of therapy is $60 to $120 per session all over the USA. If you live in New York or in Los Angeles, a session with a mental therapist will cost you $250 per hour. It is the standard mental therapist rate in New York and in Los Angeles.

There are certain health insurance plans where with your physical illness these health insurance plans cover the cost of your mental therapist too. If you have health insurance coverage then you have to pay $20 to $50 per session.

Currently, there are options available such as online therapy. It will cost you $40 to $70 per week.

What should you do if you don’t have that much money to visit a therapist?

As you have read earlier, going to a mental therapist will cost you thousands of dollars a year. It is not an easy-cash for everyone to pay off thousands of dollars every year. Dr. John Kim, who is a pioneer of the online mental therapy movement, has given some good advice about being a self-therapist.

Let’s check out his pieces of advice:

·       Create an extrovert personality:

According to Dr. John Kim, a person who has an introverted personality usually suffers from anger and resentment. So, his advice is to be an extroverted person. We have to unload what we are carrying. This is the mantra of being a happy person.

·       Try to adapt to the world as it is:

Dr. Kim says that the majority of our problems start from our inability to adapt to the practical world. Everyone in the world loves to live in the false version of themselves. The problem of living with the ‘Pseudo-self’ is you need other people’s approval to live in a false secured environment. 

This is the starting point of your depression. So, rather live in the original self what you are and try to abolish your pseudo-self.

·       Sometimes try to be a non-negotiable individual personality:

For sometimes you should try to be a non-negotiable individual personality, this is the opinion of John Kim. Sometimes try to be adamant with your own thinking and create your own personality.

Because always being suppressed will later create a depression in your mind.

According to Dr. John Kim, you can try out these 3 self-therapy.

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If you are feeling too much stress and anxiousness from your piling debt, you can take special sessions with the mental therapist for sure.

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“The mind is its own place, and in itself, can make a heaven of Hell, a hell of Heaven.”  –  John Milton 

Your mental therapy session will be a waste of money only if you or your therapist is not committed to it. The therapy session will only be a waste of time and money when a patient is not willing to reveal himself/herself before the therapist or he/she is not honest. If such barriers are not present in a case scenario then you can keep your faith in a mental therapist. 

Author Bio: Catherine Burke is a financial writer for online payday loan consolidation. She provides information on successful cash loans and payday loan consolidation to help people get over a difficult patch. She lives in Kansas and has earned a frame in the matter of payday loans.


  1. I think it’s definitely worth the money if you are in the right place to receive the help or are in a place where you really need the help! they are professionals at this – they can do more for us than our friends can at times

    • I agree. I’ve always been an advocate for seeing a mental health specialist. Sometimes you need deeper knowledge.

  2. I think therapy is worth the money because of what you get out of it. Plus, most health insurance in the US will cover a few therapy sessions.

    • I agree. The only thing about the health insurance part is that not everyone can afford to have health insurance. That’s the sad part, and I hope there will be more programs out there that can help people who can’t afford it.

    • I loved reading Catherine’s post. I think she did so good! And thank you love, I really appreciate it ♥

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