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Guest Post: 6 Daily Habits To Keep Your Skin Glowing Everyday

Healthy, glowing skin is something we all want, and it’s easy to achieve by just doing 6 daily habits! It really doesn’t have to take long to achieve the skin goals you’re looking for.

To find out how to get your glow on, keep reading!

  1. Exfoliate that face!

There are two different ways to exfoliate your skin: physical exfoliants or chemical exfoliants. Physical exfoliants are scrubs that are gently massaged onto the skin in order to lift off dead skin cells. This reveals your fresh new skin, making your face look brighter and glowy! You can even make face scrubs at home! A great DIY face mask is honey, sunflower oil and oats (which have been ground to a fine powder).

Physical exfoliants work well, but they should only be used once or twice a week. Also, they can be quite harsh on the face as the ingredients might contain tiny sharp edges that can damage the skin. That’s why I recommend chemical exfoliants over physical ones!

Chemical exfoliants use Alpha Hydroxy Acids (the most popular being malic acid, lactic acid, citric acid, glycolic acid, and mandelic acid) to remove the skin’s dead cells. Like physical scrubs, these allow your new fresh skin to be revealed, making your skin look clearer and more glowy! Because these don’t require you to scrub your skin, they are much gentler. You should use these at night, either in toner, serum, lotion or moisturiser form, and make sure you wear sun protection during the day when using any kind of exfoliating product!

Don’t be afraid of the word chemical or acid, these are safe for use on the skin! To make sure your skin takes well to the use of AHAs, start by using them once or twice a week before building up to daily use.

2. Drink your water

I know you’re probably rolling your eyes at me right now, but I’m going to be that person for a moment. Drinking water has so many benefits for us because it’s essential for our bodies and brains. Drinking 1.5 to 2 litres of water every day helps to give you that glow. Because our skin holds water, making sure you’re well-hydrated allows your skin to stay plump and soft.

Plus, drinking water boosts our brain function, which is a crucial part of looking after ourselves, especially during these trying times when it can be difficult to feel good.

It can be difficult to get into the habit of drinking water, so to make it easier, leave a glass or bottle of water next to your bed so you remember to drink at night and in the morning. You can also set up daily alarms to remind yourself to drink water throughout the day.

3. Bye-bye cotton

Swapping from a cotton pillowcase to a silk or satin pillowcase is one of the easiest swaps I can recommend for increasing your glow. Cotton is known for being a strong fabric which controls moisture well. This makes it great for clothing as it is absorbent but not so great for our delicate facial skin. Cotton pillowcases can be rough on our faces, and they steal our hydration overnight, making our skin dull and dry. Swapping to a silk or satin pillowcase allows your skin to hold on to its moisture better during the night, allowing it to look more hydrated and moisturised. This is what gives us that plump, glowy look!

I’m sure that when you switch, you’ll also see a difference in the softness of your hair and the amount of hair breakage you get!

4. Vitamin C is Key

Vitamin C is a skincare ingredient that has so many different benefits for the skin. My favourite is that it makes you glow! Vitamin C can also help to clear the skin and lighten dark marks, so if you’re interested in skin care this is a great place to start. It’s literally sunshine in a bottle!

Vitamin C is often added to serums and creams, but I recommend looking for serums as they usually contain a higher concentration of the ingredient.

Make sure you use a Vitamin C product that comes in tinted or frosted packaging to limit exposure to light, as it can expire quickly if not!

5. Facial massages

Doing a short daily massage is great for giving your skin a glowy look. When you massage your face, you stimulate blood flow there. Improving circulation means that more nutrients can be delivered to that area, making you glow!

You can easily do these at home by applying a facial oil or plenty of moisturiser, then massaging your face with your hands. For example, you can run your knuckles along your jawline, use gentle fingertips to massage your cheeks from nose to ears, or gently rub in circles on your temples and forehead.

You can also use a facial roller or a gua sha stone (a glass or crystal facial tool). These should also be used after applying facial oil or moisturiser, and they feel fantastic on the skin as they’re cool and soothing. A facial roller can be rolled all over the face to increase blood flow, and a gua sha massage tool can be gently dragged over the face. I highly recommend watching a video on how to do facial massages at home to maximise the effects!

6. Fake it till you make it

If none of these selfcare and skincare methods give you the level of glow you’re looking for, why not cheat that glow! For a really natural look, you can mix some liquid or cream highlighter into your daily moisturiser or foundation. This gives you a subtle glow that doesn’t look like makeup. You can amp up the radiance on the high points of your face such as the brow bones, cheekbones and cupids’ bow to really make you glow.

Also, keep an eye out for glowy primers or serums that have reflective particles in them. These are already mixed for you, and they give such a gorgeous, glowy quality to the skin when used!

I hope these easy daily habits will help you get the glowy skin you’re looking for. Taking some time to care for yourself and your skin will not only help you glow, it’ll help your mood. Comment below if you already do one of these every day!

Hi there! I’m Jazmin. If you’ve enjoyed this post, check out my blog, A Beauty-Full World for more. I’m a British blogger who is passionate about skincare, makeup, nail care, and hair care. I’m trying to lead a more eco-friendly life and I share beauty and sustainability tips on my blog and on my beauty-based Instagram account. Hope to meet you soon!


  1. Oooh! I love all of these tips for keeping your skin glowing! Totally agree with staying hydrated. Your skin really depends on it! I need to do a better job with exfoliating. Need to do more of those masks! Same with the massages too. Thanks for sharing all of these amazing self-care tips for taking care of your skin!

    Nancy ♥

    • I need to do all of these myself! I’m so lazy with my skincare, it’s awful. But these tips are so helpful, so I’m definitely going to try and do better. Thanks for giving a read and commenting ♥

    • same here! I have some in my Amazon wishlist that I’ve just been putting off buying. I guess her post is my sign that I need to get on it!

    • I’ve picked up some myself. I’m glad you enjoyed her post as much as I did! Stay safe as well love ♥

    • I’m glad you love it as much as I do! I need to do the same honestly. I’m working on my skincare routine, so I’m always looking for some helpful tips such as these. Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  2. These are such great tips for keeping your skin nice and glowy. I always have the hardest time keeping my skin under control. I am prone to breakouts and dryness so I need all the tips and tricks I can get. Thanks for sharing.

    • I’m taking notes myself! I’m glad you enjoyed Jazmin’s post and don’t forget to check her out!

    • I was definitely taking notes myself when reading this. I also need to still work on drinking the proper amount of water and I have a satin pillowcase in my Amazon wishlist, yet I haven’t bought it yet lol smh.

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