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Going Ghost

And I’m not talking Danny Phantom.

I’m sure a lot of us have experienced where people have gone ghost on us (or we’ve gone ghost on them). A lot of times it might be where you’re just not interested in someone anymore and you just..vanish (because I mean sometimes it’s just easier). Well, even though it’s easier, I’m not talking about going ghost for that reason. I’m talking about mental health wise.

For some people, they could go into a bad mental health state and might need to go ghost. Others who can’t really relate or aren’t too understanding might get a little upset with this. I think it’s important to sometimes distance ourselves from others and get that mental break. With that being said, it’s also important to tell any loved ones that you are about to take a hiatus.

I have someone who goes ghost from time to time and I had to make it known to give me a little heads up first. Just a simple text saying “mental break” and I understand. With that being said, everyone is different and goes through things differently, so maybe they just “fade” and aren’t even able to send out that text. It all depends on that person and how they discuss those moments with the loved ones around them.

For those that take it personally when someone does go ghost due to mental health issues…don’t. If you’re not aware of it being for a mental health reason, then when the person comes back, be sure to ask calmly the reasoning because you never know. I also believe it’s important from time to time to check up on that person. Even if they only respond with a “thanks” because maybe that’s all they can say during that time, at least it’s a reminder for them that you care and you are there.

Lastly, for those who do have their “going ghost” moments, take your time, but also try to remember those that worry about you the most. Especially if you don’t give a heads up. There are people that care about you and your mental health and well being so just try to let them know “hey, I’m still alive and just resting my mind.”

Are you someone that goes ghost sometimes for a mental health break?

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