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Gift Ideas For The Holidays!

The Holidays are here, deals are rolling in for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and it’s time to think about Christmas shopping. For some, this may be an exciting time. For others…not so much. If you have absolutely no idea what to get for your loved ones, let me tell you, same here. But, there are a few gift ideas that can never go wrong. Today, I share a few gift ideas that’ll be good for your mom, dad, grandparents, etc. These are just a few ideas if you’re completely stumped or if you’re a major procrastinator shopper and know you won’t be getting gifts until the week before Christmas(sometimes even the day before).

1. Bath and Body Works Products


Bath and Body works products is a gift staple for me. There are products not only for women but men as well so if you want to just kill two birds with one stone and get something for everyone you can. There’s also a variety of products and scents to choose from. You can never go wrong with a nice candle and some perfume or cologne!

2. Watch Set

womens setmens set

Last year, I gave my grandparents their own watch sets for Christmas and they loved them! You can give these to your grandparents if you know they love watches or your parents. Honestly, anyone you think might like sets like these. You may think they’re expensive, but the ones I got for my grandparents were from Amazon and under $30! A great gift for a great price.

3. Blankets and Plushies


This may seem like something for a child, but this gift can be for anyone! Who doesn’t like a nice blanket?? Also, blankets are affordable if you’re on a budget and comes in a variety so you can get one that fits what the person likes. You can even make them customizable! The plushies are literally for anyone and everyone. The one above in the picture is actually one I bought for my mom after her VSG surgery. She loved it so much and I’m so happy I was able to find something like this for her because she’s always wanted her own VSG pillow. If you’re interested in purchasing or looking at the other plusheez for a special ocassion or just in general, I’ll link the woman’s Etsy HERE. She has such a cute variety of plusheez that she makes and you can make them customizable to make them more personal. For example, like you see in the picture example, I had my mom’s name put on the back and the day of her surgery. Highly recommend you check her out! If you are thinking about ordering, I will say that she lives in the UK so it does take time before you will get your gift if you’re in America as they ship out in about 6 weeks since they’re handmade, so it might be a little late to order if you want to get a gift for Christmas.

4. Mugs


I don’t know about you, but I love a good mug. You can never go wrong with a mug in my opinion. Again, something anyone can enjoy no matter the gender and not they’re not too pricey. You can even make a set out of it and combine it with other gifts.

5. Money


Something so simple, yet means so much. Who doesn’t need money?? This gift is literally perfect if you really just have no idea what to get someone (maybe someone who’s picky) or if you just don’t feel like buying anything. I know I’d personally be excited to get some money. You can either do this with a gift card or just straight up cash. However you do it, it’s a gift you know will always be appreciated.

I hope you guys enjoyed my gift ideas! Are there any gifts I mentioned you might want to get for someone? Maybe even yourself? If you want more gift ideas then let me know and I’ll make more lists for you. Happy gift giving!


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