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Gift Ideas For Fathers Day!

Fathers day is vastly approaching and honestly, it’s one of the hardest days for me. To those of you who know me may think it’s because the other half of my DNA isn’t in my life…nope, that’s not it. It’s because I can never figure out what to give my granddad for a fathers day gift. It’s easy to shop for my grandma and my mom, but it’s a struggle to find anything he likes because it seems like he has everything! Is it like that with anyone else with the men in their life? Well if you’re with me in the struggle, then hopefully this post will not only help you guys out with some ideas, but myself as well.

Let’s get started with some gift ideas!

1.Gift_Voucher_600xGift cards. Gift cards are the best way to gift anyone anything when you’re completely out of ideas. Just put the money on the card and you’re basically paying for whatever he wants (without the pain of him pretending to like the gift and you having to return it).

man cologne.jpg2.Smell goods. Kind of basic…yes, but what man doesn’t love to smell good? Look, a nice gift basket filled with the best smelling man scents (even man-scented candles if he’s into them) and not only will he be happy, but the whole house will. Also, if the gift is for your husband, it really is more so like a gift for you (hint hint).

3.Game Tickets. This is going to be one of the more pricey options, but men love their sports, so why not surprise him with tickets to see his favorite team play? Depending on the season, it may be a little harder or this may be a gift that can’t be used until later, but game tickethe’ll still love it regardless.

liquor4.Liquor. If the man you’re gifting has a taste for the finest liquor, then why not gift him some? Don’t just let it be any type of liquor either. If you can find the best of the best, nicely aged liquor, then I would suggest that. It will possibly take some digging, but the expression when he gets it will be worth it.

5. Bible/religious books. If the man you’re gifting is more of a religious man, then you can gift him a new bible or some religious/Christian centered books. You can even give him a nice engraved bible holder for his Bible if he already has one. bible case

coffee mug6. Ceramic Mug. Not just any ceramic mug, a temperature controlling ceramic mug! If he’s a coffee lover, then I think he would love this gift for sure! It can be a little pricey, but only the best of the best for an amazing father/father figure and fellow coffee lover right!?

7. Shaving kit. If he’s a man who loves a good shave, then why not give him a nice shaving kitshaving kit? I’m sure he’ll thank you when his beard is nicely lined and looking good!

sports equipment8. Sports equipment. Does he like to play golf, go fishing, play basketball, etc? Then give him new equipment (if he doesn’t have them already)! You can buy him a new basketball, new golf clubs, a new tennis racket set, fishing poles, whatever it is he likes to do. You can even help him break them in (if he hasn’t already made plans with his boys).

9. Suit. If he’s someone who likes to look snazzy, then why not help him look good alongside you with a new suit? Some men are very picky so you may need to just give him the money for it, but regardless, I’m sure he would love a new suit to add to his suitscollection. Suits can be pretty expensive, so that is something to keep in mind, but if you’re able to gift it then I think that would be a nice gesture.

dad and daughter

10. Your time. Yup, that’s it. The final gift idea is to just give him your time. Maybe there’s something he loves to do that you don’t really like…try doing it with him. Or if you haven’t talked to your dad in a while then try giving him a call. Sometimes the best gifts are free.

I hope I helped you guys with some ideas. Let me know which gift you’re considering!


  1. I love these ideas <3 my dad is really far away from me, like another country far away, so there's not much I can send him. I really like the last one. I plan to text him on fathers day at least. Just so he knows I remember that he's my dad lol
    Thanks for sharing!

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