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Gag Gifts To Give Your Friends For Christmas: Blogmas Day18

There is nothing like a friendship where you can have fun and prank each other. The holidays are a perfect time to have a little bit of fun because it’s the season where everyone is sharing and giving gifts to their loved ones.

Some gifts, however, are purely for a good laugh! Nothing says holiday cheer like a gag gift and your friends are the perfect ones to give that holiday cheer. These gag gifts are funny and perfect if you want to be a little prankster on Christmas day!

Custom items with your face all over them.

Leave your friends with a piece of you by giving them something with your face all over it! This is perfect for a friend who’s moving or has to go off to college. This way you can make sure they never ever forget you…ever…because you’ll be staring right back at them whenever they look at your gift. How sweet!

Dog farts cotton candy.

Dogs are so cute and sweet, but the opposite can be said about their little doggy farts. Well, this is no more with this dog fart cotton candy! Gift your dog lover friend the gift of sweet dog farts for once by buying them this delicious cotton candy. Their dog may never give them the gift of non-smelly gas, but at least you can give them the gift of imagination…and they’re edible!

A burrito blanket.

The cold months are here, which means we all need to stay bundled up. Why not bundle up in style with a burrito blanket? If you have a friend that loves to eat burritos, they can now see how it feels to be the very burrito they love to eat! The burrito blanket will have them feeling comfy, cozy, and even a little saucy!

Prank gift box.

This one is perfect for a ton of laughs. You can use a prank gift box that says one thing on the outside, but it has the actual gift on the inside! For example, the outside of the box could show it’s a toilet cleaner but the inside is the actual gift. I would say to just make sure the box is for something your friend wouldn’t want to make the effect much greater.

Bob Ross chia pet.

This isn’t really a gag gift, because Bob Ross in any form is really a treasure. However, when I saw a commercial for these, they had to be added to the list. Do you remember chia pet!? This one would be great for a surprise factor for sure, especially if your friend didn’t know chia pets still existed and they’re a Bob Ross fan.

Big mouth billy bass.

This one was a must to add to the list! Does anyone else remember the singing fish that always sang “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”? This gift is a blast from the past and is perfect for your friend who needs a good laugh. You might still need to provide a backup gift just in case, but it will surely bring smiles to some faces. Who couldn’t smile at a singing fish!?

Warning: you might want to make sure there’s a backup gift on hand after gifting some of these! Your friends will definitely want to get you back, so be careful, but enjoy the laughs!

Have you ever given your friends a gag gift before? Which out of the list would you give them?


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