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Blogmas Day 11: 11 Holiday Date Ideas For 2023

The holidays are the most romantic time of year with all of the lights, music, and holiday vibes. This provides couples with plenty of material to come up with more festive date ideas for the holiday ... READ the POST

Blogmas Day 10: 5 Christmas Gifts That Give Back

Christmas is about many things, but one of the big things people focus on is the gifts. Though gifts are a big focus during the holidays, it's also about giving back and togetherness. I want to say ... READ the POST

Blogmas Day 9: My Letter To Santa 2023

Dear Santa, It's me again! I wrote my letter to you last year, which was my first time talking to you since I was a little girl. This year is just about no different than last's actually ... READ the POST

Blogmas Day 8: Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For 2023

Alright, be honest. Christmas is coming up and you still haven't purchased gifts for your loved ones. While some are early shoppers, others don't start until two weeks before Christmas. There are also ... READ the POST

Blogmas Day 7: 60 Positive Affirmations For The New Year

Affirmations are always a great way if you're looking to let positivity into your life and set intentions on what you want. Words are very powerful and when you speak life into something, along with ... READ the POST

Blogmas Day 6: How To Celebrate The Holidays When You’re Alone

Though the holidays are about togetherness and spending it with the ones you love, not everyone can do that. Sadly, some people celebrate the holiday season alone. There are many different cases for ... READ the POST

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