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July 2022 Monthly Update: I Checked Out Mentally

When coming into a new month, nothing is more pleasing to me than beginning it on a Monday! Although refreshing to start a new month, I admit that I was a bit mentally checked out in July. I just had ... READ the POST

5 Bold Lipstick Shades Perfect For Summer

Today is National Lipstick Day, which means it's the perfect time to take a risk and get a little bit bold! Makeup has been and always will be the perfect way to express yourself by using the best ... READ the POST

13 Current Songs You Need On Your Summer BBQ Playlist

As a lover of music and playlists, I believe there needs to be a playlist for every occasion. Although it is quite hot, there is still nothing like gathering together with family and friends for a ... READ the POST

25 Post Ideas For Blogmas 2022

We may still be in summer, but if you've done blogmas before then you know the importance of starting sooner than later with the writing process. If you've never been on my blog before or this is your ... READ the POST

Diary Entry #49: The Clock Is Ticking

Dear diary, Time is currently ticking for many things in my life, and I have no idea exactly what to do. Being the person I am, it's possible that I will suddenly shut down and ignore the fire ... READ the POST

5 Ways To Simplify Your Life

As a blogger, one of the things that I have always and will always love is finding out about new holidays to share with all of my readers. With that being said, tomorrow is a national day called ... READ the POST

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