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Tips And Advice On Being A Plus Size Woman In The Summer

As we all know, if you live in the United States, it's summer time and the heat has made sure to make its debut! I love the summer, but being a plus sized woman makes it a little more of a struggle. ... READ the POST

Being A Christian And Supporter Of The LGBTQ Community

This will be my last post for pride month you guys. I saved the best for last and for sure probably the most controversial. Being a christian and being a supporter can be somewhat difficult if you ... READ the POST


It sucks how much relationships hurt No How much people hurt And even while now single and happy I somehow can still end my night in tears Thinking of the past and all I’ve endured How all I’ve ... READ the POST

Gender Roles…Real or Fiction?

Since this pride month is coming to an end, I decided to discuss another topic that may technically not be a LGBTQ thing specifically, but still important. Gender roles I think are something we all ... READ the POST

5 Reasons To Drink Coffee + More!

This one's for my coffee lovers out there. I'm not one to drink coffee every day, but I love a good cup whether from home or Starbucks. If you want to find out a few benefits of coffee and learn where ... READ the POST

Current Makeup Faves/ Most Used Products

It's the post some of you ladies ( and some men too) have been waiting first makeup post! To start off, I'm giving you a few of my mostly used/ favorite makeup products. I have more than ... READ the POST

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