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Poem #6: “More Than Friends”

It’s amazing when you look and see these people These people that aren’t your family yet feel closer than some blood People who would fight for you Die for you And although this world may seem so ... READ the POST

My Brain And I: Dealing With Depressive Thoughts

**DISCLAIMER: TRIGGER WARNING FOR DEPRESSION** I know, I know it's Monday so I'm sure a lot of you are already depressed enough as it is. So I know when you read this title you were thinking "ugh, is ... READ the POST

Poetry #5: “Coexisting Pains”

Violence Just one word but it has so much meaning And causes so much trouble. Racism Just one word but it has so much meaning And is so hurtful. Together these words cause pain And right now my ... READ the POST

Is It Unladylike To Show Skin?

A few weeks ago I was wearing a crop top and my grandmother, being the most concerned woman she is, decided to express her concern for the amount of skin showing. Which one of the things she stated ... READ the POST

God Do You Hear Me?

This one's for my Christians like myself. I feel like throughout a christian's life there comes a moment where their religion or Christianity might be questioned. This doesn't pertain to every one, ... READ the POST

Struggling With….Wait…Uh….Oh Yea….Writers Block!

Are you struggling with writer's block? If so, then it's good I'm not alone. As writers, getting that pesky block is the absolute worse thing to experience. Right now, it's being a huge pain in my ... READ the POST

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