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February Life Update 2019

We are already in March…How crazy is that!? Black History Month has come to an end, but you never have to stop honoring black history. That lives on for forever.

Alright, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk about these goals. As always, here’s a reminder of the goals I had for the month:


This list is smaller than my usual lists because I decided to make smaller goals this year for each month. I mean, if you’re an avid reader then you know I was barely succeeding at getting through the bigger list of goals I was making (so sad). The only goals on my list I did not even get a start on, were both the reading goals. I did, however, start listening to podcasts again, so maybe once I develop a list of good ones, I can make a post with suggestions. As far as working out, I only worked out once thus far, but it’s a start….right? And I’m slowly working on managing my money.

Now, let’s get into these goals I have for March!

March Goals

♥work on using a finance calendar/chart

♥continue listening to podcasts

♥workout more

♥remember what I want and continue to work towards it

What’s a goal of yours? Let me know!


  1. Just letting u know i answered your questions from the mystery blogger awards on my last post!!

    And thanks for sharing! I think this month my goals are to reach more viewers on my blog and make more connections too! Also make a bit more sales on ebay hehe 😁

  2. Great goals!! I have one coming out on Wednesday (maybe?) with my goals… Apparently one of them needs to be know when your own blog posts are scheduled! haha Setting goals is awesomeeee!

  3. My two goals for this month are:
    1. I need toget to the gym. I don’t mind working out, I just need a little more motivation to actually get up and go.
    2. My second goal is to get another devotional book because i have one but I have had it for two years. Now it is time for me to see more understanding.

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