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February 2023 Monthly Update: There’s Work To Do!

Happy March and Women’s History Month!

Although February didn’t look the way I thought it would when it came to the celebration of black history month, I’m hoping for a better and more successful women’s history month.

When it comes to how it went personally and with my goals, I think I did okay but I could’ve done better. As a matter of fact, let’s look into my goals and see what I managed to accomplish in February!

Take new photos for Instagram. I’m proud of myself for working on getting back into my Instagram game! Despite not being able to have my friend take my photos with her DSLR camera due to either it being last minute or her being busy, I’ve still chosen to work with what I’ve got. It’s also more challenging because I don’t have anyone to tell me what my face looks like versus what I feel it looks like. That said, I am proud of myself but need to plan a photoshoot with my friend very soon!

Do a tech deep clean. I’m still working on this goal, but I did get through a good amount. If you’re someone that either creates content or has a job where you make/download a lot of files then you know how quickly they build up on your computer. I started clearing out my downloads and had to download more images almost right after! It’s a long process, especially considering that I’d like to go through all of my socials, but I’m going to get it done!

Pick out a book to start reading/plan out a reading schedule. I haven’t planned out a reading schedule as of yet, but I did pick out a book to start reading which is a step! My goal for this year is to dust off my books and start reading them (which I will then reward myself with more from my Amazon list), so any step matters.

Now let’s look into the goals I have planned for March!

  • Update podcast Instagram
  • Gain two more email subscribers for a total of 70 subs
  • Learn ASL numbers 1-50
  • Put my clothing items on Poshmark to sell
  • Begin reading my chosen book
  • Finish tech deep clean

I still have a lot more work to do, but the year has just begun! I’m hoping for more success in checking off goals as I go along each month and I believe I’ll get it done.

What are your goals for March? Share them with me in the comments!


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