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February 2022 Monthly Update: The New Year Officially Starts Now

Most of us, if not all of us, have had that moment where the year just isn’t starting off the way you planned. You’re trying to start things off on the right track and check off those monthly goals, but it’s just not working out. So, you say the year didn’t officially start, but now it is despite how far into that year it has been.

Just based on the title, you can already tell that this has become me. Things are not necessarily starting off the way I planned, but luckily only two months have passed by and 2022 is officially starting over for me in March (call it an early reset if you will). Despite things not starting off as well as I’d hope, I do still have a couple of things that I was able to check off my list in February.

With that being said, it’s time for another monthly update, so let’s review the goals I made and see what I was able to accomplish for the month!

Finish designs for project. I have been working very hard on something, some probably already know what it is since I have shared it before, and I’m proud to say that I finished the designs for it. I’m hoping to start promoting it very soon, so keep an eye out on my socials!

Create my private personal plan for 2022. This was important for me to do because as much as I love sharing my personal goals on here, I needed a separate set of personal goals that I don’t share. Goals that involve issues below the surface. I also realize that being someone on social media has made me want to have things that I keep to myself. I was never someone that shared everything online, but since starting something that keeps me online all of the time, I end up sharing things that I intended to have for myself. It’s hard not to share, but I’m glad that I not only took the time to create this personal plan but kept it private.

Of course, I wish that I was able to check off more on my list, but there’s always going to be next time! Now let’s look at the goals that I have planned for March!

  • Reach 70 newsletter subscribers
  • Post consistently on podcast Instagram
  • Gain 13 followers on Instagram (total: 3720)
  • Budget
  • Get back on track with morning routine

Stating that the year has officially started now is a joke of course, but there’s never anything wrong with needing to reset. It doesn’t matter where you are in the year, if you feel it’s needed then take the time to do so. This year is still ours and we’re about to head into spring revived, refreshed, and renewed!

What are your goals for March? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Yes, I am here for a reset! I think it’s always important to recognize that one may always regroup, reflect and begin again! My goal as we barrel towards Spring: get back in the gym and start walking outdoors. I always feel refreshed and ready to hit the ground running when I get fresh air.

    • That’s so true! And I love that goal! I definitely want to slowly start getting more movement in because I’m mostly sitting all day every day. The weather has been nice already, so I know you’ll enjoy being outdoors!

  2. I just find it so hard to talk about my goal, mainly because I fear that I would not be consistent with keeping others updated on my progress, for that I just love reading your plan ahead for each month.
    I’m currently using the month of March to review and get the Q1 objective 50% done

    • That’s totally fine! You don’t have to share with others your goals or even update anyone on them right away. It’s whatever you feel is best for you! I’m wishing you success in making your goal this month ♥

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