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Everybody Makes Mistakes (Everybody Has Those Days)

Yes, I did make a Hanna Montana reference to go along with the funny mistake that was made. And if you don’t know what Hanna Montana is, then you missed out man. All week I’ve made blog posts regarding mother’s day because I thought mother’s day was today…well I was wrong. No one told me anything so I didn’t assume any different. This is where the mistake lies. This just goes to show that mistakes are going to happen and that bloggers aren’t perfect.

A lot of times we see these pictures of bloggers and their blog looks so perfect, their life seems so perfect, they’re making such great money from their blog and is so successful…that we forget bloggers are human. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s gotten dates mixed up and has made posts for the wrong time. People make mistakes on their blog posts all the time…it’s a part of life. The only thing it does is just make people realize (as well as the blogger itself) that we’re human. You just have to laugh at your mistakes, look at the good, and keep it moving. I mean at least you guys can get ahead on your mother’s day gifts with the ideas I’ve given you right? And a new blog post for today came out of this (because ya girl was stressing for a second since I had to cut the what would’ve been mother’s day blog post).

I make a sh*t ton of mistakes just naturally in my daily life, so I know this won’t be my first blogging mistake for sure. As hard as I am on myself about making mistakes, I just have to learn to brush it off sometimes. It’s not always so serious. Just laugh it off and keep it pushing….why? Because *cue Hannah Montana music* EVERYBODY MAKES MISTAKES, EVERYBODY HAS THOSE DAYS!

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