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Do What You Love…Love What You Do.

How many of us are doing something right now that isn’t our ideal plan? This could be a job or even being in school with a major you’re not even into. The thing is, a lot of people end up doing things just because they either have too, need too, or feel it’s their only option. Do you see something missing from this? Yea, it’s the fact that you WANT too. According to The Washington Post, a sample was taken in 2011 and 2012 and only about 13% of people enjoyed their job and 63% weren’t really engaged. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s a little alarming to me. This means that 63% of people are not too happy with their jobs.

I’m not sure about the statistics on college students, but just talking to fellow colleagues, I hear how many would’ve changed their major, including myself. So again, why are so many people unhappy with what they’re doing? Something as big as a job you might be working in for years or choosing to give your money to a school to get a degree should be a decision you’re 100% happy with correct?

Well, job wise, in today’s society it’s hard to make a living. This sometimes requires sacrifices. People may have a dream of doing something, but it just might not pay the bills on the table like some corporate jobs might…or it might take a while anyways. With that fact, the dream stays a dream and now you’re waking up every day with nothing but a cycle to look forward too. Wake up…get ready…go to work…stare at the clock…get off work…do it all over again. Doing this over and over and over again until you drive yourself crazy. Yea your bills are being paid without having to worry too much, but are you happy?

School wise, There are a few reasons why students stick with, and even get a degree in something they don’t even enjoy. Maybe they started out thinking that the major they were so eager to dive into was something they’d enjoy…just to find out they hate it. So they change it, but they didn’t enjoy that major either. So they change it again, again to realize they’re not happy. Then, they change it one more time before they realize that maybe college just wasn’t for them in general and now they’re stuck. Why not just drop out then? Well, some are able to just drop out, but others don’t have that luxury. This could be for different reasons within itself. Another reason could be to please their parents/family members(this can also apply to the job situation as well). Maybe they want to major in the arts, but their parents don’t approve. So now they’re a nursing major or studying to become a lawyer. Something that makes their parents happy….not THEM. Now not only money is being used on something they don’t enjoy studying, but they might end up with a degree that they might never even use. Or maybe they’re going to have a job they don’t enjoy. See the cycle? And again, they’re living their life unhappy.

People say life is all about taking risks. I believe this is true (as long as you’re not hurting yourself or others). People are so scared to take a leap of faith and do what they really love either because they want to please others or they’re scared they’re going to fail. Life is all about taking risks, but those risks also come with failure. Would you rather be miserable for most of your life but play it safe or would you rather fail and fail until you finally succeed and end up with something you love that makes you happy? If you need a sign to drop whatever you’re currently doing to do something you not need to be doing but WANT to be doing then this is it. Because it’s important to not only do what you love, but to love what you do.


  1. I can related especially on work life. I’ve always thought of going for the job that pays the most and all else will follow. However after 4 years of working within the industry I always thought would be able to help me pay for the bills and fund my travels I am now at the stage of asking myself is this really what I wanted? If so, why am I not happy, why do I feel like something is missing? Don’t get me wrong I have a wonderful and supportive team or I call them family. But I felt like I have more to offer and discovered new talents wherein I can inspire people and empower them by uplifting their self confidence and bring out their natural talents. This blog post inspired me further and helped me to continue on pursuing what I know is best for me and the people around me. Great post.

    • I’m so happy I was able to touch you with my post. Hearing that means a lot. If you have a feeling that there’s more out there for you, then I believe listening to that feeling. I wish you all the success on your journey to pursuing your dream and I hope one day I’ll get an update on how everything turned out for you. Thanks for commenting ♥

  2. Completely agree with you on this.

    And I mean when you’re young you have so much time to figure it out, there are so many opportunities to give this a go and find what you love doing.

    I currently love what I do right now and wouldn’t change my career for anything, but it hasn’t always been like that. I’ve had to take risks and put myself out there to get here.


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