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Diary Entry #73: Let’s Have Some Summer Fun!

Dear diary,

The summer is here and I want to enjoy it more this year. For the past few years now, I feel as if I haven’t been able to enjoy the beautiful summer weather. Though the heat gets crazy, summer is my favorite season! I love the early sunrises, the longer sunny days, how beautiful and bright the days are, the summer clothing, and all the available activities! Every time I have a summer where I haven’t done anything at all, I become so upset because it feels wasted.

I have a few ideas of how I want my summer to go. A few things I would like to do are: to have a snowcone, swim, take more trips to the strip mall, and hang out with my friends more. These are simple ideas, but they don’t have to be extravagant to be fun! I also know that the bigger the idea, the more money it costs. The thought process is for my summer to be budget-friendly and fun! Let the summer fun begin!

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