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Diary Entry #70: Change Is Hard.

Dear diary,

We’ve entered spring and I’m already feeling more alive by the day. However, with spring being about change and growth, I can’t help but contemplate all of the change that still has to be made this year. Some of those changes may be very big ones that could come to my blog and my socials surrounding it.

Because these changes that I’m debating on are big, it’s been difficult to decide on them. I want to make these changes to grow, but I also want to make sure that the opposite effect won’t happen in the end. I’ve worked hard on my blog and brand so this will be something that I have to think about for a while. Along with that, I’m also struggling with changes in my personal life. I’m trying to grow in many different ways but bad habits are hard to break.

The constant cycle and feeling of complacency is hard to break. You don’t have to think or try hard when stuck in a cycle. Once you try to break that cycle, you have to put in the work to do things you don’t normally do. I have to push and the energy to push is not there. So, I’m not sure if I need coffee to run through my veins 24/7, but something will have to shake because life doesn’t stop and I’m tired of watching it pass me by while I’m stuck on this hamster wheel cycle of bad habits.

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