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Diary Entry #69: Is Black History Month Fading!?

Dear diary,

I’ve shared my thoughts on this before, but it’s sad how Black History Month feels as if it’s slowly being forgotten. Though I am still seeing posts, I’m seeing them less and less for Black History Month as time goes on. I’ve even had to remind myself sometimes that it is Black History Month. I believe that the celebration should go beyond school.

I’m sure these are happening in some states, but I wish there were more celebrations and parades during Black History Month. I wish more historical figures were showcased during the celebrations as well, beyond the same people we hear about. It would also be nice if there were story times for children in libraries where people read books about black history that are at a reading level for kids to enjoy. The same thing would be nice if they did cute plays or skits as well. Though black history doesn’t begin or end with February, we were given this month to celebrate and educate. We should continue to keep it alive for those who made history before us and those making history as we speak.

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