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Diary Entry #66: Blogmas is coming!

Dear diary,

Blogmas is coming and it’s coming fast! I’m excited for another year of blogmas, but I’m also very ill prepared. Of course, I always plan to do things ahead of time and be on top of everything, but it’s rare that it works out that way. I’ve possibly had one year where I was actually pretty on top of my posts and got them done early. Regardless, the show must go on!

Every year I decide how I’m going to do blogmas, and this year I decided to only post on weekdays. This means that Saturday and Sunday will not have a new post going up and there will not be a full 25 posts. This not only gives me a breather but also allows people to catch up. I know I haven’t been the most consistent this year with posting, so I’m excited that I will be able to provide a lot of content for my readers to enjoy!

Here’s to a successful blogmas!

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