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Diary Entry #65: Getting Back In My Content Creator Bag!

Dear diary,

In the last diary entry, I discussed feeling as if I’m in rock bottom, and though I’m very much so still there, I’m slowly working on crawling my way upward and out of said space. Along with that, I need to figure out how to get back on my A-game with content creation. I have unintentionally neglected multiple of my Instagram accounts and now I have to work on climbing my way back.

Along with that, I haven’t been the most active on my social media accounts besides the one or two posts I’ll drop before exiting and doing it all again the same day. In a sense, this is my way of trying to remain in the social media algorithm or to just remind people that I still exist, but social media isn’t that kind and it takes a lot more push than that to be remembered. Though I can’t 100% say that I will be back to The Black Princess Diaries I was just a year or two ago by the end of the year, next year I plan to get back in my content creator bag! I can at least say that I will be participating in another year of blogmas! Though my blog posts haven’t been as consistent this year, the year will end in the best way possible!

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