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Diary Entry #64: It’s Only Up From Here

Dear diary,

I feel as if right now in my life I’m like the Spongebob in that episode where he was in Rock Bottom. Getting out of there was not as easy as he thought. He dealt with many different trials including (constantly) missing a tricky bus, having his friend (Patrick) end up leaving him, and being there alone while scared. He was at the very bottom of the ocean with what seemed like no way to get back up. That’s how I feel currently about my life…at rock bottom with seemingly no way back up.

Anyone who has watched that episode knows what happened in the end for Spongebob. He ran across a strange (but turned out to be kind) fellow fish creature who tied a balloon around his waist, which helped him float all the way back up to his beloved Bikini Bottom! Though a funny and entertaining cartoon (and one of my favorites of many), there is a life lesson to take from that episode. The lesson is that you can only go up once you’ve hit your own version of rock bottom.

With that said, though I’m in my own version of rock bottom and I know that I have many trials as Spongebob did when he was at rock bottom (one trial including being my own mind), I know that as I tie a balloon around my waist and continue to blow air into it, I can only begin to float up because there’s truly nowhere else you can go once you’ve hit rock bottom! My own version of blowing air into a balloon includes working my hardest on changing all of the things that have landed me at rock bottom, which I’m slowly working on as we speak. The more I continue to blow air into that balloon, the higher I will rise.

Also, because this isn’t a cartoon, I’m well aware that I won’t just fly straight up and instantly out of rock bottom. There will be times when the air may come out and I begin to lower a bit…might even fall right back down again. However, if I keep going, I’ll eventually make it back up to “Bikini Bottom”.

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