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Diary Entry #62: Should I Keep Podcasting?

Dear diary,

I have had something on my mind regarding my podcast, and I think it’s time to evaluate this thought. First, I’d like to say that I absolutely love my podcast and I’m proud of myself for getting where I am with it. I checked for someone’s podcast the other day, because they randomly dropped into my mind, and I saw that they no longer have their podcast. It was sad to see, but it made me realize how many people end up stopping their podcasts, blogs, or content creation in general for different reasons. One of the biggest reasons tends to be that it’s just so hard to get through and reach people the way you need to reach people in order to make it. Though it takes time to do so, how long does one have to keep going before you start evaluating on if what you’re doing is actually worth continuing or even should be halted momentarily? With that said, I’m debating on if I should continue podcasting.

What has me debating this is, although I’m grateful for every single play that I have, the numbers are just not looking the best and I feel as if I’m slowly moving backward instead of forward. My audience size seems to be shrinking, and even worse, the hosting site that I currently use for my podcast has changed to where you need at least 100 Spotify listeners in order to have ads that allow you to obtain revenue. I’m not even close to being close to 100, which means the little revenue I was once getting is now unavailable. Along all of this, the recording process is a lot when you don’t live in a quiet environment, but not a problem when worth dealing with. The question is…is it still worth dealing with?

I thought about it and I’m going to let season six continue before making my decision at the end of the season. Maybe I just need to switch to a different hosting site or maybe I just need a break. I’m not sure, but I do know that it’s hard out here and sometimes you have to make hard decisions, even if they’re temporary. Unfortunately, whether to keep my podcast or not had to become one of those decisions.


  1. It seems like there is a lot to consider; I don’t podcast (although it has been a thought I’ve contemplated from time to time) but I can see that it sometimes comes with a few issues. I hope you come to some resolution that helps you move forward in whatever way you decide.

    • That’s the life of content creation of unfortunately lol. Thank you love, I really appreciate it ♥

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