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Diary Entry #61: Am I Fading Into The Background?

Deary diary,

Lately, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get back into my normal groove of things when it comes to content creation and consistency, but it’s been pretty hard. Though summer just started, I feel as if it’s already being wasted because this is my favorite season and the season that I feel the most productive.

However, it’s been hard to become my productive self and time has been passing by (it could also be my anxiety making it seem as if it’s going by even faster). Along with time going by, I feel as if I’m starting to fade into the background on some of my platforms. One platform especially is Instagram. It’s already hard enough to grow on there, thanks to the algorithm, but being inactive for so long makes it twice as hard to grow new followers as well as have your content seen by those who already follow you. My hope is that I’m not fading into the background and it’s only in my mind, but I also hope that I’m able to get back in my creative zone before it my fear turns into a reality.

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