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Diary Entry #58: Let’s Just Start The Year Over

Dear diary,

As with every year, I set a list of goals to accomplish by the end of this new year. These are goals that aren’t too crazy, but still take work and focus in order to check off of the list. I know that it takes longer than just a year change for me to get on the right track and become better than I was the year prior. With that being said, we’re almost four months into 2023 and…I need the year to start over.

I’m trying to give myself all of the grace, but this just isn’t the beginning of the year that I had planned for myself. Unfortunately, one of the things that I couldn’t leave in 2022 was the mental struggles I dealt with last year. I am still dealing with the same issues and it’s a big fight. The war between wanting to live the life that I imagine but not having the energy to put the work in that’s needed is a huge war. I’m not sure if actually starting the year over would’ve helped anything, but I’m considering next month as a redo of the past three months so far. It may become annoying, but I’ll start over as much as I need to if that’s what it takes to get to where I want to be!


  1. I understand some of that inner war as I experience elements of this myself; I’m not going to offer any advice as I imagine you’ve heard it all before and are well aware of what you need/respond to so I’m just going to let you know that I am cheering you on and wishing you healing and a path forward.

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