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Diary Entry #57: Content Creation Is Not An Easy Hill

Dear diary,

I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that being a content creator is easy. As years continue to go by, more people are trying to drop the life of clocking in to become full-time creators, influencers, etc. The thing is, it looks easy from the outside, but it’s one of the hardest things to actually successfully accomplish.

For someone who’s not trying to be a creator as a career, it might come a little easier, but things get a little harder when you add money and the need for it into the mix. Even more so, if you have a platform on these apps, that makes it a little bit more complicated because they’re often changing. A lot of these changes are helpful, but there are also a lot of changes that are unnecessary and make things more complicated for the creator. I hope that more people being to learn that content creation isn’t as easy as it looks, and I hope that I never lose the strength to press on despite its challenges.

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