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Diary Entry #53: Maybe Next Year?

Dear diary,

I recently posted a podcast episode saying that I am trying to figure everything out regarding where I stand as a content creator and shop owner. As much as I wish it were just a topic I made up so that I had something to talk about, it’s a very real issue and I would like to crawl into a hole and forget about it all at this moment…but I can’t do that.

This year has, for the lack of better words, kicked my ass and everything seems to have spiraled quite quickly with me being left with not much…at least that’s how it feels. With that being said, I’m a realist and that means that I can acknowledge that I might have to make a sacrifice that I don’t want to make. If I don’t, I’ll have even less than nothing. Also as a realist, that means that I can look and see that I’m not completely without. I still have supporters (even if I have to work harder now for the algorithm to show me due to my absence), I have some equipment, and I have my mind. Although the mental side of things may make it harder to push and put in the work of a true content creator, the ideas continue to flow. With that being said, this year might have kicked my ass, but the rest of this year will be filled with planning and taking little steps to get myself out of the bad habits that have been formed. While next year will be filled with putting in work to get back to making this content creator life work. In the beginning I told myself I had no other choice, and that still stands!

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