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Diary Entry #51: I have Three Years To Make It

Dear diary,

The fact that we are basically at the end of the year didn’t hit me until…it hit me. As often as time consistently feels like it’s moving in super speed, it’s still shocking when you realize it. That said, this also means I’m steadily getting closer to 30 years old with much more haste than I would like. I’m currently 27 and I have a few changes I need to make between now and then.

When I say that I have three years to make it, I’m obviously being dramatic. However, I do want to make sure that I’m entering 30 a little bit differently. I want to be able to finally win the battle with my eating issues and enter it healthier, I want to work on my mindset and enter it with a different mindset than what I’ve struggled with during my twenties, and a few other things. I know some people are still so stuck on the social clock that they need to have this and that by the time they reach that age, but this is different. This isn’t me saying that I need to have these things before thirty or otherwise I’ll be a failure. This is me saying that I want to be at some point where I’m feeling the way that I’ve always wanted to feel, be, or look while I was in my twenties. Even if I’m not fully there, because three years isn’t long at all and it’s getting closer to being down to two years, just being on the right track is all I need. I’m not always going to win every battle, but I know that one day I will win the war.

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