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Diary Entry #48: The Energy Is Gone

Dear diary,

I might have taken an unintentional break last week. How can this happen one may ask? Well, I haven’t had much energy or focus to sit down and get work done (which is terrible because I have PLENTY of work to do), which resulted in me not writing a blog post for Monday. The plan was to write a blog post for Friday, however, the ability to sit and do work was nowhere to be found yet again. Unfortunately, my memory is terrible and I completely forgot that I didn’t write anything on Monday, which resulted in there being an absence of blog posts for the week.

This hasn’t just been an issue for writing blog posts, but for posting on social media and even recording for my podcast. Technically, I took a week off from everything because I didn’t record a new podcast episode nor did I have Sunday’s newsletter up. I really hope this week is better for me and I’m able to kick it into high gear with everything because I’m so behind and the goal is to make steps forward, not backward!


  1. You will get it! Don’t beat yourself up, do the best you can, and everything will work out. Keep being great!❤️

  2. Sometimes it’s better to embrace the timeout and say it was needed to recharge the batteries and take a breath, at this fast paced world. You’re only human and it’s important to take time for your needs too. Maybe it was your brain or body thinking I need some tlc. Or you could have a checklist or wall planner and be ticking things off, so you’re not worried and have your mind clear. You’re a hard worker and I believe you’ll do what needs to be done 🙂

    • Thanks love, I appreciate this comment ♥. You’re definitely right about needing to recharge. It’s so important to take that time! I appreciate the support and kind words ♥

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