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Diary Entry #47: Slowly Starting Fresh

Dear diary,

One thing that I need to learn is to just start slowly…veeeery slowly! I’m hoping to learn that this month with a lot of different things as I try to get back on some form of track since being off track for a while.

There is something about being in this content creator community that makes it seem as if you need to have multiple goals. No one will say that, but it tends to feel that way when you see the goals that others have for themselves. It’s almost as if only having one goal is shameful (it’s absolutely not). I did make more than one goal for the month, however, I made a much less amount than usual (1 business goal; 2 personal goals). I want to start slow…with my goals and everything else…especially coming back from a rough time. It’s not something that I’m used to, but it’s something that I will have to get used to. While I’m slowly getting back into work, I’m also hoping to slowly get back to hanging with friends (without the annoying feeling of paranoia afterwards). Both will be hard for me, but they could never compare to the mental struggles. So, here’s to a slow fresh start!


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