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Diary Entry #45: Call Me The Task Juggler

Dear diary,

I feel as if my name should have task juggler behind it because that’s exactly what I do…juggle a thousand tasks. I think the craziest thing is having to do everything yourself when you first start out, yet technically not being in the place yet to where you need to hire help nor in the place where you can afford to do so. It’s wild to me!

What’s even wilder is how my brain works. I have so much on my plate already and then it said “You should open your shop right now”…and I did exactly that. Do I regret it? Absolutely not! I love it, but if I wasn’t the task juggler before, I certainly am now! I guess I better practice my juggling skills until I can get help because I’m just getting started!


  1. Yes so proud of you, keep up the amazing work you do. I currently need to learn to start juggling things more too, I haven’t been posting on my business page as I should but then I’m in the process of rebuilding too so that’s another thing.

    • Thank you so much, I appreciate your kind words ♥. I need to work on posting more on all my pages, especially on my podcast page. It’s truly a lot to juggle, but we both got this. We just need to make a plan/ schedule and then stick to it. Keep up the amazing work you do as well love and I’m proud of you too! ♥

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