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Diary Entry #44: Exhausted, But Working Hard

Dear diary,

I have said it before and I’ll say it again…I am tired, exhausted, and everything in between! I know that part of it is because of not getting sufficient sleep, but I’m also putting in a lot of work lately. Sometimes, I’m not getting sufficient sleep because of said work. Being so tired has caused me to barely have the energy to do anything that involves the slightest bit of thinking. The question is…How am I still functioning? The answer? I have no clue. Despite all of the energy being taken away, what I’m working on will be worth it all in the end!

I’m a little bit scared to state this because it’ll make it seem official in a way, which is scary, but what I’ve been working on is a project and that project is…*drumroll* …my shop! I’ve briefly mentioned it here or there and have continued to put it in my list of goals, but now it’s officially coming to life! Again, it’s a little scary to say and let others know because now I feel that I have to go through with it. The thing is, I plan to go through with it anyway (I have all of the items and money spent to prove it), so why is letting others know making it seem so scary? I guess it’s just the expectations people might place on me, the fear of not being able to provide something people love, or knowing that it takes time to grow but still letting that possible beginning failure get to me. Despite the reasoning for the fear, it’s out now for the world to know. I’m excited for it and to share more as I gain more supporters on my shop Instagram and my website once it goes live.

I’m exhausted, a little scared, and I may go a little crazy from everything I have on my plate…but I’m excited to see where the journey of this added venture takes me!


  1. Congratulations!! On your shop!! Keep up the amazing work but remember the work can’t go on without you, so selfcare and time to yourself is important

    • Thank you!! And I absolutely agree. I just took a break not too long from now, but I may need to add an extra chill day during the week or something.

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