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Diary Entry #42: Getting Back On Track

Dear Diary,

I’m back and now I have to fix the only damage that’s done when I take one of these breaks…getting out of the habit of not doing anything and getting back on track. Truthfully, I still have to fully get back on track with some things from the last time that I took a break. It’s a vicious cycle because you need the break, but when it’s time to “clock back in” it’s like your brain needs a reboot on how to do some things again. For example, I have yet to get back to how I used to engage on my social media. As much as I love interacting, I was drained and now I have to figure out how to become the interactive person that I was before.

Besides the interaction part, I have to get fully back on track with work and really hit the ground running. I’ve checked some things and it’s not looking so good if I don’t get what I’m working on going and soon! I’m trying to keep the faith in all of this, but it’s a lot and at this point, I’m running on whatever little bit of faith I have left and coffee…a lot of coffee. My goal, at the end of the day, is to not only get back on track with everything but stay on track. I’m coming for 2022 with all that I have (even if it’s not much left)!

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