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Diary Entry #40: Just Do It

Dear diary,

If there are any people that say adults don’t play pretend, then they are lying. Plenty of adults play pretend quite often and, especially recently, I have been one of them. I have done well continuing on with life and pretending as if I didn’t have a very important issue to address. The problem with pretending is when reality starts to slowly creep in and you have a choice to either face reality or you can just continue to pretend. Some may choose to continue playing pretend, but if they do, whatever they’re hiding or running from can only get worse and that’s when it REALLY hits.

As for me, I’m trying to do better at facing reality, which means that it’s time to stop pretending and work on finding a solution to my issue. With that being said, I have two solutions: go the somewhat easier route that I would also be unhappy with in the end or go the route that’s a bit of a risk but is also part of what I’ve been working towards. With that being said, I decided to just do it and take the option with the risk. I’m going to be off worse than I was if this doesn’t succeed in the end, but let’s not think about that. Even though I’ve talked about it before, I’m not going to share what it is now until I’ve fully gone all in. Do I know exactly what I’m doing? Absolutely not, but who does these days? So, here’s to what I hope to be a successful venture!


    • Yes, I’m trying to remain on that attitude because honestly who knows how long you have before it’s too late!? Thank you love! I’m keeping everything crossed that I can pull this off and make it successful ♥

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