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Diary Entry #4

Dear Diary,

I said I would only write these on Tuesdays and Thursdays (when I felt the need to), but this is what it looks like when you’re out of regular blog post ideas. I do, however, have some things to say. Lately, I just wake up with just a sigh. It’s nothing new, but it’s just my feelings of not being satisfied or happy coming back. I was talking with my friend and I was telling her how I’ve been unhappy for 6+ years. I don’t know, sometimes I wonder if I even deserve to be happy. If you ask others, they’ll say I’m a good person, but sometimes I feel like that’s just the surface…a layer. To add on, I’ve had on and off feelings of feeling alone. This isn’t new either, but it’s never the best feeling when it comes back. Lastly, I have to worry about school and finally being done with a class I should’ve finished semesters ago. I just want peace and happiness, but the mental strength and the space I need to get to that end goal isn’t there. I feel like I’m trapped in a box and I don’t know how to escape.

with love,


  1. I think we all have this feeling at one point. The question is if we can move past it and live as we want and be happy. I myself have had a rough patch for 1+ year now. Its really hard to see why I also would deserve happiness or anything. I wouldnt say Im a horrible person. But its easy to be egoistic and selfish when you feel like shit. And much more easy to take out your bad feelings on others.

    I guess we just need to find that light to guide us out of the place we are in now. If thats a hobby, person or just a mindset i guess is different for different people.

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