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Diary Entry #35: I Kind Of Went Viral!?

Dear diary,

I am just feeling extremely grateful for the goodness that has transpired these past two weeks! Two weeks ago I uploaded a reel to Instagram and my only goal was to just do something a little different from the norm of what was trending with the sound that I was going to use. So, I did my own version. I don’t set a goal or anything for myself when it comes to any of my posts and how many likes or views I want to get, but I was hoping for at least 1,000 views since that’s what I’ve gotten the past few reels I’ve made. I was not prepared for what was soon to happen…

The day I dropped the reel, I was honestly expecting that I was going to make it to 1k within the hour like the rest of my reels. To me, it was really good and creative, so why not reach the same level as the others? However, it didn’t hit 1k until an entire day later. Being a tad upset, I immediately put it in my mind that maybe it just wasn’t as good as I thought it was. Something to also mention is that I added the reel to my feed…something I had never done before. I thought that would allow more people to see it, but it looked as if it was doing the exact opposite…until two days later. My notifications started going off the charts and what was once 1k views suddenly skyrocketed to thousands…and now…100,000 views!!

Yesterday I hit 100k views on my reel and I am just flabbergasted! I was just hoping that I would reach 1,000 views and to see that it not only has 100k views but the most likes I’ve EVER GOTTEN ON ANY POST, and my followers also went up!? Grateful. That’s the only word that can describe it. I’ve also received hundreds of amazing and kind comments, including from the artist of the song I used!

I may not have legitimately gone viral (I’m sure I’d be on the Shaderoom or something if that was the case), but I don’t have to in order to see how big of an accomplishment that is. I’ve had DM’s from people telling me how I inspire them and to keep going. That’s truly all I can ask for. This creator life is so humbling. I was expecting to hit 1k views in an hour and it took two days. Then, I didn’t expect to get over 1k and I ended up with 100k views. Again, I’m just so grateful for this life and this journey. I just pray that God continues to instill nonstop creativity in me so that I’m not only able to continue to provide fun, real, and informative content but also continue to help and inspire others along the way.


  1. Aww congratulations!! Your hard work is paying off and you do reach a lot of people and touch their lives for the better. I’m proud of you and your accomplishments 🙂

  2. Congrats! That’s amazing!! I still don’t get how reels make it and others don’t lol. I feel like the most bland ones I make get more attention then the ones I actually plan and put effort into!

    • I think that’s just content in general I swear lol. Like the content you put the most work into somehow doesn’t get seen as much as the content that you didn’t have to do that much work into…so weird lol. But thank you so much love ♥!

  3. Smiles. I mean every word. Hold onto this feeling of accomplishment next time you have a bad moment 🙂

    • Ah, thank you so much girl! I really appreciate it and I’m so grateful to always have you cheering me on ♥

  4. The algorithm was adjusted using facial and racial recognition software to help boost posts by the underserved women of color like yourself. Congratulations, you earned it!

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