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Diary Entry #33: Breaking Out Of My Shell

Dear diary,

This content creator life really knows how to push you out of your shell in ways you never could imagine. Being something that I want to do full-time, content creating has me knowingly and unknowingly breaking out, and in front of tons of people on the internet no less. How can I unknowingly break out of my shell? Let me explain what I mean by both ways because I thought about this, and it’s really interesting to me how these things happened since diving into this field.

So, the way I’m fully aware of breaking out of my shell as a creator by the way I’m starting to do reels on Instagram. I do not like reels at all for two reasons. The first reason is because they are just so much work to create and edit! I see other creators talk about how they’ve this many number of reels, and it just amazes me that there are people with that much energy. Personally, I don’t have that much energy to even create one, let alone multiple. The second reason is because of the fact that I don’t like being on camera. I despise it and that mainly has to do with my insecurities. However, I told myself that I need to start thinking like a creator if this is going to be a full-time thing. That didn’t mean that I HAD to create reels in order to think like a creator, but it did mean that I need to get in game mode with creating content. I like to do so in as many avenues as I can fit. Are reels a pain to create and edit? Absolutely! I’m not throwing them out like other creators, but I’m still breaking out of my shell and trying something new AND getting used to showing people the creator behind the creations.

The way I’m not always necessarily aware of how being a content creator is breaking me out of my shell is by way of my photoshoots that I do for Instagram. I love looking cute and wearing cute clothes, so when I get outfits, it’s not just to “flex on the gram”, it’s because I just like and/or need cute clothes to wear. What I didn’t fully realize was that creating this content is breaking me out of my shell. Buying the clothes is nothing new, but the type of clothes I’m buying and doing these poses showing my full body to post on Instagram, that’s different. I’m buying clothes that, yes I think are cute, but would probably be too scared to try. However, I need the content for Instagram and I want to bring my follower’s variety, so I’m trying different things like shorts. I’m doing full-body photos and taking all sorts of pictures for content. In my mind, I’m just thinking that I need to get content, but I’m also breaking out at the same moment. It’s so mind-blowing, but it’s such a beautiful thing at the same time.

I’m so grateful for the light that has guided me to the content creator world, and I’m so blessed to have such amazing supporters who are literally watching me break out of my shell and do things that are very uncomfortable for me at times…even if they don’t know it.

Here’s to many more moments of breaking out of my shell and growing as a full-time content creator!


  1. I loved this one, and I’ve really enjoyed watching you come out of your shell! You’re such an amazing creator, and I really admire you. ♥️

    • You know how to make me shed some tears lol. You are seriously one of the most amazing people I’ve been blessed to get to know since joining this community and while you’re admiring me, I’m admiring you! I probably said this a thousand times lol but you’ve always remained your true self and you put yourself out there and I will always love and be inspired by that ♥

  2. You are truly an inspiration and watching you break out of your shell has really helped me learn to break out of mine. I still struggle with breaking out of my shell still to this day but I am working on it. It’s a process. I’m hardly ever on Instagram because I try to focus on one social media at a time otherwise I get overwhelmed plus I don’t take many pictures anymore, but when I do, I always go to your page. For inspiration. You always lift me up and motivate me and keep me going when I feel like I want to give up.

    I really wish you could take over my Instagram one day because I honestly have no idea what I am doing when it comes to it lol.

    • As someone who’s always going on other people’s Instagrams for inspo, this truly made my mouth drop because I’ve never been told that let alone even imagined being seen as inspo. From the bottom of my heart, that truly means a lot ♥. I’m so proud of you for learning to break out of yours as well! I still have a long way to go, but we both just have to take it day by day. I’m no social media manager or anything lol, but I can do my best to help you out if you’d like 😊. We gonna get it together! lol

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