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Diary Entry #3

Dear Diary,

It’s been a little minute since we’ve talked. Just a little update…I got sick last week. It freaking sucks. I knew it had to come sometime with everyone getting sick and the pollen like taking over but it still sucks. And now I’m stuck with a leftover cough that might take all eternity to go away (at least that’s what it feels like).

I just kind of want to let some things out this morning since, I mean, this is why I started these diary entries. First, I decided to check my stats last night (which I don’t do often) and I saw that I have like a little over 300 followers. My mind is blown! I’ve been blogging for I believe 10 months now and it amazes me how close I am to 500 followers. I’m so grateful and it just makes me want to keep going and really pushes me to keep believing that I really will one day become a successful blogger and make revenue and become my own boss and brand. I know it isn’t the typical job of someone with a psychology degree and it might be a little hard for my grandparents to really grasp but it’s something (damn near the only thing) that really motivates me. Also, I looked at my page views and I got a bunch of views on my diary entry posts despite me not even promoting them so I’m glad that people love them and it tells me I definitely need to keep writing.

Ok to the more serious end here. I just want to make a note at how hard it is to constantly be around people who point out your flaws and make statements that are just really fucking unnecessary. And on the outside I have to have this almost attitude and make sure I’m defending myself and correcting those people, but on the inside it can sit with you sometimes. Especially when it’s about things you see everyday because I mean…hello, I do live in this body you know. It just doesn’t help me with the already lacking confidence I have in my body. Speaking of, I, yet again, failed at waking up to workout. It kills me too because the night before I always think about how good I’m going to feel as I’m laying my workout clothes out  and then….it doesn’t happen. Instead I wake up feeling like crap. This entry is way longer than I meant it to be, so let me end this. I have a full day ahead of me today. But I will say that years from now, I will have a story to tell, because I will get it all together…one day.

With love,


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