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Diary Entry #29: Staying Hopeful For 2021

Dear diary,

Time is going by super fast! I feel that if I blink, it’ll instantly be 2021. That’s not so much of a bad thing though if I’m being honest. I hate time is going by so fast because I’ve just been so exhausted lately. Being exhausted means not much work is getting done…too bad that doesn’t stop my work from piling up. I’m just talking about things I need to get done in November alone. Talk about stress level hitting 1000!

Speaking of things I need to get done, I’ve been debating on the next thing I want to start. You know when you have a thousand projects in your head that you want to do? Yea, that’s me.

I have so many ideas, but I know it’s wise not to just start them all because they won’t all get done. It’s also a little upsetting that something I previously started isn’t doing so well at this moment like I thought it would. At some point you have to scrap it (after trying different tactics first). I’m at the point where I’m going to try different tactics, but it’s super hard to not just try to move on to the next thing. I just want to successfully produce things that help people and that’s loved enough to the point where it’s hard NOT to share. At this point, that’s my only hope.

I have so many more thoughts on different things, but to keep this entry from sounding all over the place, I’ll just leave it at that. I’m just going to stay hopeful for 2021 and work as hard as I can.

Ps: How do you feel about diary entries having actual titles now? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Sending you so much good energy to bring in the new year with as 2020 comes to an end. It seems like you’ve managed to accomplish a great deal this year as I’ve been cheering you on along the way!! Such an inspiration especially with your positive energy filling each post.

    Looking forward to the new year; building up those better habits now so it can be the best ever. On the plus side, we really can only go up from here lol I’m digging the style of the title! It’s nice to have a lil sneak peak into what I’m getting into

    Great post!!
    xo Bri

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate your support girl and I’m cheering you on and hyping you up always! We definitely can’t go anywhere but up from here lol. I’m trying to work on these bad habits now because I can’t afford to go into another year with them. I’m glad you like the new style of the intro! I definitely think I’m going to keep this style. Thanks for commenting and being such an amazing supporter ♥

  2. I can definitely relate with having so many thoughts and ideas Deandra! I feel like my head is always swimming with them, and I too have to try hard not to start too many things.

    I am sorry that your project isn’t working out like you thought it would, but I love that you’re trying out different methods rather than scrapping it right away. But I do agree, sometimes things don’t work and we have to pivot. You e got this! Best of luck with your project!

    • I think that’s the biggest struggle as a creative. Having so many ideas in your head, but knowing it’s not the best idea to execute them all at once. It can be hard not to just throw away something if it’s not working, but I think it’s important to try a different way if one way isn’t working, and if that way doesn’t work, then that’s when you have to just say “maybe this wasn’t the right time”. But thank you so much love for the positivity and support ♥

  3. I appreciate this realistic look at this year. It has been exhausting, hasn’t it? Trying to keep myself afloat. Currently working on a 30 day self-care challenge and it’s already bringing me some peace of mind. Hope you find ways to detox from this year and get refreshed!

    • A 30 day self-care challenge sounds really nice. I might need to try that myself but I’m the worst at self-care, so I’d really have to put in the work to keep it going. Thank you for commenting! Stay safe and take care ♥

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