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Diary Entry #22

Dear Diary,

I’m an introvert. I stay inside pretty often. I cross my fingers in hopes that plans are canceled. I cancel plans myself sometimes. So, it’s pretty evident that I have plenty of times where I prefer to be inside to myself. This, however, is just a bit much. I’m not saying I’m just dying, because I’m not. I’m actually enjoying this time. I don’t get to go to a workplace that I hate. I don’t have to get ready when I don’t feel like it. I’m even getting benefits right now due to being furloughed and I’m basically getting more than I’ve ever gotten working. So, it’s not all terrible, BUT, I just wish I could go out and be with my friends. I wish I could go into a coffee shop on a beautiful day while the sun is shining down on me and get some work done and then maybe go enjoy the scenery. I just miss that freedom. I know I’m not alone.

Regardless, I’m not letting this time just pass me by and ignoring the opportunities I have right in front of my face either. With the money that I do have coming in (which I’m very blessed to be getting by the way), I’m putting some to the side to save up. If I save enough, then I’ll be able to make one of the biggest moves I need to make in my life and I’m excited just at the thought! I’ve also been investing in myself by joining courses and getting guides. I’m going to come out of this better than ever! I also realize that there’s a change I need to make and I hope I go through with it…I just hope.


  1. I’m not on furlough but thankfully sorted out my financial situation but like you I can be introverted so it’s been great. However facing lonf queues to get into the supermarket and some of my favourite food places being closed, bars and cinemas and just things to do has been restricted so that sucks. But we’ll get through this. I love the diary entries. Great idea!

    • Oh yea that’s such a hassle! There are no waiting lines at the stores here, at least for Walmart, but they have the entrance and exit area separated with caution tape and you have to walk around these gates to enter. So if you don’t know whether you need a cart or not then it’s best to just get one because it’s a hassle to go back out. I just miss going out with my friends the most. I’m so glad to know you’re enjoying my diary entries! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  2. Girl, I hear you. I like being inside my own home too but yeah, it’s much right now! I’m trying to stay positive and keep busy with all my hobbies too but I got days like today when I feel blue. Glad to read your post though, and know it’s the same for everyone. xo We got this.

    • I’m sorry to hear you weren’t having the best day love. I hope tomorrow will be better! You’re right…we got this. We’ll make it through ♥

  3. Girl, I’m right with you. I miss eating Shareable Fries without sharing. I want to meet acquaintances and new people in-person. I miss getting dressed up to go out. But I’m grateful for the benefits and opportunities in front of me. I’m glad you have the opportunity to save and hope you make that big move 😊

    • That first one is real lol. Getting things for multiple people and eating it all for yourself lol. And thank you love! I’m so close to being able to make that move so I have faith that you guys will be getting a blog post in the next few months about it! Thanks for reading and commenting ♥

  4. I totally get about being an introvert but having cabin fever! I’d give anything to give my friends a hug right now! (And do some gossiping!) Or just window shop would be nice!

    I’m glad you’re in a position where you’re still safe, healthy, and taken care of, so I’ve excited that you can save some money to invest in yourself! That’s so important and is such a good thing to look forward to during these crazy times! <3

    I can't wait to see what the exciting future holds for you!!

    Emily |

    • I’m definitely blessed to be safe in the house and not somewhere sick in the hospital. My friend texted me today saying when this is all over our group needs to go out and turn up and I’m so ready lol. Thanks love and stay safe! ♥

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