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Diary Entry #21

Dear Diary,

There is just so much going on and the only thing I can think of doing is just to write out my thoughts in this diary entry. The Corona Virus is out and everything and everyone is going haywire. Stores are getting emptied, even in places with no confirmed cases yet. It’s so insane. Although I don’t think people should stop living their lives, a lot of them are being forced to when it comes to how high risk they are if they come in contact. Others are just being forced to slow down with living their normal lives to just stay cautious or due to force with so many places closing. As tired as I am with hearing and seeing everything about this virus (this will 100% be my last time mentioning it on my blog), it’s even harder when it starts to hit you.

What I mean is the situation going on right now with my own job. The day we closed was the same day I found out we were closing and what’s even worse is not even knowing if I’m getting paid or not and I know I’m not the only one. I just hope that everything calms down sooner than when everyone thinks it will. I’m also hoping that during this long time off, I will be able to take it as an opportunity to get myself together and expand as a blogger as well. I have a goal for myself for May and I plan on making it. Things are looking scary right now, but I refuse to believe that the future isn’t going to be bright and beautiful!


  1. Just keep your head up and try to stay positive in these hard times. And it does give you more time to focus some on your blog. You could do great things and get your views up too with it. A little TLC to the blog can change our lives too. Good luck on everything. Look forward to your next posts! :]

    • You are right. I’m definitely planning on using this time to expand. Hopefully, my posts will help be a distraction to all the madness. Thanks for reading ♥

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