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Diary Entry #16

Dear Diary,

It’s getting closer and closer to the Holidays and I’m getting the holiday panic! I don’t know if that’s actually a thing or if I just made it up, but it feels pretty real to me. I normally already have my gifts early for everyone, but I haven’t gotten a single thing. I know it’s still early, but time is ticking. There’s also the factor of being able to afford said gifts. It’s like there’s always SOMETHING that my money needs to go to first before I can purchase a gift. Then there’s the factor of also trying to wait until some super sales come out as well. I love the holidays. Christmas is my favorite holiday of all time and yes, I am one of those people who play Christmas music starting in November, but the gifting part can be a tad be stressful. I won’t let it get to me too much though. I always figure something out. The togetherness that the holidays bring is greater than the monetary value.


  1. Really loving your posts. Here in the uk this wonderful man called Martin Lewis has a money advice website called and he’s promoting that family’s & friends agree to a pre Christmas NUPP – No unnecessary presents pact! Such brilliant idea so that spending doesn’t get out of control or cause unnecessary stress!!!

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