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Diary Entry #13

Dear Diary,

This past Saturday was a networking opportunity of a lifetime. The last diary entry I made a small statement at the end saying I had good news. Well, this good news is that I basically went to a premiering of a new short film that, actually, the same woman who interviewed my mother and I created. The actresses and actors were there and the mayor of the city that they filmed in was there as well. Some of those people have even worked for Tyler Perry! There was even a woman there who’s helped with one of the Marvel movies…how crazy is that!? I’m extremely shy, so even though the opportunity for me to communicate with everyone and share my craft was in my hands, I didn’t necessarily jump right away and commune with everyone. With that being said, my time there didn’t go to waste and I did end up doing a little networking in the end. Things are coming. Plans are being made. Just earlier this month I made a diary entry saying how tired I was from working at the movies and stopping kids from going into rated R movies and now…now I’m writing about meeting people and making connects. I still work at the movies, but I’m being positive my time will come where working there or any other job will end, and fully doing what I love will begin. I was inspired by this one woman I met, but that will be discussed another time.

If you’d like to check out the film, then good news…it’s available now for purchase! The film is called Love, Blood, and Cotton by Stacy Jenkins. It’s only $3 so go check it out!


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