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December 2022 Monthly Update: Welcome To 2023!

Hello to all of my readers and hello to 2023! I’m officially back from my break, and I hope you all have been having a great start to your new year. January is always a time for me when it feels like it’s zooming by but also going slow at the same time.

With that being said, I did make a few goals for January while I was on my break, but I have to officially close out 2022 by going over the goals I made for December and sharing how I did to end the year!

Create a 2023 goals list. I love to create a goals list for the new year instead of a list of resolutions because goals allow you to work and make steps toward whatever it is that you want for the year. If you’d like to read the goals I have for 2023, be sure to read my annual update 2022 where I share my accomplished 2022 goals as well!

Take a break. As you can see, I accomplished this goal and now I’m back and ready to make content for you all to enjoy!

Stretch more. I must admit, I didn’t practice stretching to the full extent that I had planned, but I did start slow and I plan on continuing.

Create a personal goals list for the new year. Again, if you’d like to see the goals I made for this year, you can check it out on my annual update where I also share my personal goals as well. Alongside those goals, I have my own private list as well of things that I chose not to share. Just as my business goals are important, my personal goals are even more important and I plan to work hard on accomplishing them.

Now that we’ve officially wrapped up 2022, let’s look into what goals I created to start off 2023!

  • Do a photoshoot(s)
  • Upgrade certain content items/images
  • Do a tech deep clean
  • Practice morning prayer
  • Do weekly self check-ins every Sunday

2022 took me through such a whirlwind that I’m taking this year very slow and steady, but I’m still excited about all of the good things ahead! I hope that you all are remembering to be kind to yourself and start off slow as you go through this month and the rest of the year.

What are your goals for January? I’d love to hear them in the comments below!


    • You should give it a try! It definitely does help and it makes your list look smaller versus one long list all together. Happy 2023!

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