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December 2020 Monthly Update: A Shocking Discovery!

Happy New Year loves!

It’s only been two weeks away, but it feels like it’s been forever! We have officially made it out of 2020 and into 2021…how crazy is that!? I know we’re like halfway through January at this point, but honestly, we still should give ourselves a round of applause! I know a lot of us want to put or have put 2020 behind us, but before I can fully move on into the new year, I have to do an update for December. The results of one of my goals may just come as a shock for you all also…it certainly did for me!

You know the drill, before I get into what I accomplished in December, let’s recap on the goals I made!

Reach 500 blog visitors. So, this one was extremely shocking and has a story behind it. If you use SiteGround to host your website, then maybe you know that WordPress and SiteGround both have very different stats. The difference is astounding. I have been using the stats on WordPress, because I figured they were accurate, but I was always curious. Well, I decided to finally contact SiteGround support about it. Apparently, SiteGround is more accurate and that blew my mind! Here’s why…on WordPress, it says I received about 480 visitors, but SiteGround says I’ve reached 4k visitors! 4k!? Impossible! I decided to contact them again in hopes that I’d get someone different just to be on the safe side. Turns out…it’s true! So you guys, I have reached WAY beyond my goal and I’m just so thankful and grateful for every single one of you!

Get more organized, focused, and begin planning for 2021. I probably could’ve gotten a little bit more organized, but I got it done and made my goals for 2021 as well as planned up to the next three months at the least. If you are curious and would like to know what my goals are for 2021, you can check out my annual update!

Now on to my goals for January!

Blog/ Business

  • Produce daily sales for my Ebook
  • Grow a following on my mailing list
  • Begin looking at merch ideas again
  • 5k visitors on my blog


  • More selfcare!
  • Start a book (and hopefully finish it)

Before I sign off, you might see some things you have no idea about. So, if you don’t follow me on social media, then you wouldn’t know this, but I did write an Ebook. Not just any Ebook, but my very first one! If you’d like a post solely talking about it, then let me know and I will make one for your guys. This Ebook is for all of you procrastinating bloggers and creators out there! Even so, I would say that it’s also good for procrastinators in general as well! If you’d like, you can purchase A Guide For Procrastinating Bloggers and Content Creators. Also, you might have noticed that I stated wanting to grow a following on my mailing list. I officially have one now…I’m so excited! I’m late to the game but so happy that I’m now going to be able to create even more motivational content for you guys.

Lastly, today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and it would be wrong not to acknowledge him and his works and inspiration, especially with it also being motivation Monday. It’s so astounding to know that so many years later black people still have to fight to be seen, treated, and heard as equal. Though we have much work to do, MLK along with so many others worked hard to get to the point we even reached. He had a dream, and it’s our job to keep that dream alive and fight for that dream. If nothing else, I hope this post motivates you to sign petitions and donate. There is a ton of sites to do so, but here one website where you can do so.


  1. That’s a crazy discrepancy! I wonder how the counts are so different? My first thought was unique visitors vs frequent visitors, but it’s still such a big difference. Either way, congrats on 4,000! That’s such a great achievement!

    Good luck with your January goals! I love the self-care goals – a definite need for current times 🙂

    • It really is! That’s why it was so hard to believe. I have to be honest, even though I asked two tech support people, it’s still hard for me to believe lol. Thank you so much! I agree about self-care. It’s super important to adopt self-care habits during this time. Thank you for reading and commenting♥

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